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 Randy Orton's Championship Match Promo

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PostSubject: Randy Orton's Championship Match Promo   Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:01 am

Michael Cole:Hello and welcome to another night of Friday night Smackdown!! Im Michael Cole and im sitting here with my partner JBL. JBL how do you feel about tonights show?
JBL:First off im glad to be here at ringside with you cole and im looking foward to a spectactular night here on Friday night Smackdown, and to answer you're question cole i feel like this is going to be a good show tonight.

Michael Cole:Oh Oh here comes The viper Randy Orton.Also the man that will be competing in the match for the WWE Championship.
JBL: What does he want now doesn't know that we have a match to get to.

{Orton walks to the ring with smirk on his face,while the crowd cheers him on and picks up a mic}

Randy Orton: It's about time things have been going my way.

{Crowd cheers and starts to a Randy chant}

Randy Orton:I won againts Chris Jericho after losing to him on bragging rights and on Raw i won the right to compete in the championship match at extreme rules.I deserve this and i finally got my oppertunity to prove i am better then the other 2 competitors that i to face againts on Sunday at Extreme rules and i will get the job done and i will come out on top. I know a lot of wrestlers have said this before but i aint just a wrestler. I am the viper, I am the legend killer, I am the best that this business has to offer and i will take this show to great heights that the world has never seen before. Once i am champion everything will change. This first paper-view will not only be the night for me but it will also be the night for all of my fans. The people that disagree with me can shove this boot right up their ass because it is my time to shine and nobody can stop it.

Promo is open to only the people that are in the match for the wwe championship.

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Randy Orton's Championship Match Promo
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