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 CM Punk's return to Smackdown

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PostSubject: CM Punk's return to Smackdown    Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:59 pm

Michael Cole: Hello and Welcome to Friday night smackdown! I'm Michael Cole and I'm joined here tonight by JBL.

JBL: Thanks Michael glad to be back here on Friday Night Smackdown! Wow what a main event we have for you tonight, I mean were going to have a number one contender's match inside the confines of a steel cage!

JBL: Speaking of the World Heavy Weight Champion here comes CM PUNK! I mean the way he destroyed his competition on Monday it proved he is the best world, and I'm proud to call him the leader of Friday night!

[CM Punk makes his way to the ring, his title strapped around his waist, he was beaming to the audience as he slide into the ring, grabbing a mic from a nearby technician.]

CM PUNK: It sure has been awhile!

[Crowd Cheers]

CM Punk: I know you've been suffering Smackdown, I understand your pain, your pain of not having the best of the best on your shows. Your forced to sit through countless hours of horrible force-fed Bullshit. Your all however, are about to be saved from that torture. It is all because of me CM PUNK! But apparently according to Booker T, and the Raw staff I wasn't quite up to the caliber that they wanted. I mean what more could ya want? I'm a thousand times better than Randy Orton, the Rock, John Cena. All of them, After all I am the best in the world.

[Crowd starts a CM PUNK chant.]

CM Punk: That's right, yet again I was screwed by Vince, this time it was by his slap happy yes man Booker T. However that won't stop me, I won't bitch and moan I will carry this brand to higher levels. Friday night's will be the place to be not Monday nights!

[Crowd starts a CM PUNK chant.]

CM Punk: Monday night raw, you are no more, Friday night is going to be the place to be, you have the best in the world representing you and I will be a fighting champion, I won't take anyone's shit especially you Booker you can have Raw. I will carry Smackdown to new heights, and starting tonight I will be representing us in a positive manner. But when it comes down to facing so called "stars" on Raw I expect, everyone from Smackdown to refuse, if you do you will be answering to me the BEST IN THE WORLD! CM PUNK!

[Punk drops the mic as he walks out of the ring his music hitting.] [img]http://img.photobu
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PostSubject: Re: CM Punk's return to Smackdown    Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:22 pm

Good promo
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CM Punk's return to Smackdown
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