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 The Rock Debut Promo

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PostSubject: The Rock Debut Promo   The Rock Debut Promo Icon_minitimeTue Mar 26, 2013 9:35 pm

{Crowed starts screaming and starts chanting Rocky..Rocky}
Jerry: Oh my god J.R can it be!! Is the Rock back!!
J.R: I believe so king! The Rock is here! What is he doing here!
The Rock Debut Promo Rock_r11
{The Rock walkes to the ring looking at all the fans as they cheer him on}
The Rock Debut Promo Rock_t11
I am sure many of you are wondering why the Rock is here at this show Crowed says yes. Well The Rock is here to tell you why but first there is something i need to say.... Crowed starts to scream There is only one word that can describe the spirit of tonight. One word that symbolizes our entire journey, and that word is finally.....Finally The Rock has come back to Dallas Texas!! Crowed starts to clap and whistle The Rock feels good to be back here at Raw, The Rock feels good to be in the ring once again to see all of people smile with excitement. It's always been about the people for the Rock and thats why i came to WWCE. The Rock was not feeling right with the WWE the fans did not respect me like they used to, The fans had no respect for the attitude era...So that night i got one call from one man and that man is the president of WWCE... He offered me to join WWCE and he would give me a title shot if i said yes and the Rock of course said yes. That is why the Rock is here tonight. I joined for a new chance at my career, I joined because of the people. The Rock is here to stay in WWCE with all my people. All of you will witness the journey the Rock will go throught tonight and i will become the new world heavyweight champion this coming Raw...Can you smell!!!! What the Rock is cookin.

The Rock Debut Promo Rock_p12
Jerry: What is going to happen next J.R?! I am so excited to see the Rock back in action.
J.R: I dont know king but whatever it i cant wait for it.
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The Rock Debut Promo
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